Ever since I was a child I remember...

...always wanting to be in pictures, smiling for the camera, and capturing stories through film. I’m adopted from West Africa and my mother always tells the story about the first time she saw me. It was a photo that captured her heart. One photo caused my parents to cross the world to find me. I grew up realizing that one photo can change the course of your life, just like it did for me. 

When I got my very first phone all I did was take pictures of my friends, family, food and of course me! I rarely ever called anyone; I spent hours shooting photos. I loved capturing every moment that I could. I was so comfortable holding that camera and felt like there was so much of the world I needed to freeze in a frame.  

In the fall of 2015 I started taking random pictures of this popular sparkling water company called LaCroix. I took pictures of their canned drinks and started posting the pictures on my Instagram page, knowing they had their own Instagram page. I tagged them in the picture I took of the water. After a few minutes went by, they started liking and commenting on my post saying, "We love the photos you take of our product and would love to repost it on our page!" I was shocked in that moment, never would I have thought they would even see my pictures but they liked it and reposted it.

Later, they emailed me asking if I would be interested in taking more pictures

for them for their website and fall advertising campaign. Of course I said yes! Then before I knew it I was also shooting their Christmas Giveaway campaign. That's when I knew that photography was my calling and I wanted to do even more with it. 

One day I found a really nice DSLR camera in my mom’s closet. I begged her to let me take it for my own, and thankfully she agreed. I started to use it and began learning more about the camera and how to use it to take amazing photos. I loved capturing lifestyle photos the most. I practiced taking pictures of people doing their own thing and enjoying life. I believe the most important thing is to capture the reality and beauty of the moment. Whether it’s chaos, joy, grief, celebration, or average everyday moments. They all matter. More people started seeing my photos and loved what my eye happened to capture. 

From there, I got a lot of photography opportunities with so many amazing people. I worked on product photos for website design and it was amazing to be able to help people build a style for their brands. I also took photos of churches as they engaged in worship, pictures of family members for their family portraits, and held lots of sessions and shoots with family and friends. 

Some day I want to take my photography to the next step and travel around the world capturing the different parts of culture through people and taking lifestyle photos. Right now, I'm setting goals for myself. I’m challenging myself to do better, to become an even stronger photographer, capturing what the eye can’t. I want to freeze in time moments we might otherwise forget. I know there are going to be many mistakes in building this photography business; they'll be ups and downs for sure. All I know is that this is the journey I want to take and I absolutely love what I'm doing. 

Everyone one should be encouraged to try something new because you never know what it could lead you to become someday. Always follow your dreams and ambitions. Never give up on your goals or plans. This is your life, and you can make it something amazing, chasing journeys only you were meant to take. 

I may be young but I’m a dreamer and you can’t limit the heart of someone who believes in becoming more and stepping into their destiny. 

Hopefully someday, you will see my photos on display capturing life and heart all across the world.


"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears."

 - Mark Anthony