02 Spirit Cold

We met at 35 (Paul) and 32 (Monica). It’s easy to look back now and say Gods timing is perfect. But for us there were MANY years where we truly doubted if we would ever get here. 


We both went through our own journey of grief, confusion, pain and hopelessness. And we had moments that left us feeling jaded and bitter about dating. 


Year after year, while not knowing one another, we still prayed for this desire we had for marriage. We went on separate, but similar journeys of God restoring hope back into our hearts. Hope in who He is. Hope in the possibility of finding one another. And Hope that even if we never met, that we would still live beautiful, fulfilling lives. 


We wish I could sit and tell you all every detail of intentionally that our story has held, but instead we want to remind those of you waiting of some powerful truths:


God is worth trusting. 

It’s worth waiting for Gods best. 

God’s timing IS perfect. 

Keep praying & surrendering your desires to Him.

There are people on the other side of this promise praying for you too.

And most of all, God has not forgotten you.

- Monica + Paul