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12 South Vibes

January 23, 2017

Me and my bestie decided to have a girls day and hang out in a super hip part of Nashville called 12 South. If you don't really know where to go hang with your best buddies or need a photo shoot location 12 South is the place. Walking around this area of Nashville brings so much comfort and fun!

The walls in 12 South are a super cool feel to the little town. Me and my friend Abigail took a lot of photos on the blue and striped wall. This wall I think would be perfect for a group shot of friends or even Family members.


And of course we had to get a shot of the famous Nashville sign! Which is located right next to the blue and white wall! This is the ultimate tourist sign in Nashville.

Let's just talk about this YOU ARE OKAY sign located by Local Honey which is a super cute clothing store pretty close to 12 South. I posted this picture on my Instagram and captioned it saying... Sometimes its actually okay to not be okay. Jessie j told me Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars! Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, It's okay not to be okay. Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart. Tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising, Just be true to who you are! #mysong #WhoYouAre #Youareokay


 If you go into the 12 South area it's important that you have your cup of Coffee before you leave. Check out This place Abigail and I went to called Barista Parlor. It's a Super cute hipster looking place. It's a great place to go work and meet people for a coffee date. 


I even met this random girl that had super cool style and I just had to take her photo. I know you might think that's super creepy and weird but she was totally up for it! She told me she wasn't from Nashville and was just visiting with some friends and that it was her first time in the 12 South area. She was so happy that someone wanted to take her photo for the first time ever. she told me that after taking her photos it made her whole entire day, and that the people here in Nashville are so welcoming and nice. Here are some photos I took of her... 


 When you also find the Famous Cupcake ATM  machine! life goal checked.


 Also when you are walking around 12 south area make sure you look below your feet to find the LOVE art on the ground. This was my favorite part of spending time down here, seeing this cute little word will always remind me that love always wins over hate. Don’t forget that you are loved and so worthy of being loved.


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