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Born in Sierra Leone West Africa, Raised in Nashville TN. World wide Photographer and Creative. Lover of Jesus.

I’m adopted from Sierra Leone, West Africa and my mother always tells the story about the first time she saw me. It was a photo that captured her heart. One photo caused my parents to cross the world to find me. I grew up realizing that one photo can change the course of your life, just like it did for me.

When I got my very first phone all I did was take pictures of my friends, family, food and of course me! I rarely ever called anyone; I spent hours shooting photos. I loved capturing every moment that I could. I was so comfortable holding that camera and felt like there was so much of the world I needed to freeze in a frame.  


I am a dreamer and creating with people brings me joy.  I want to create stories that bring hope and love into other peoples life. That is what being a creator to me is about, sharing visuals and art that draws you in to knowing more and feeling more.

I believe the most important thing is to capture the reality and beauty of the moment. Whether it's chaos, joy, grief, celebration, or average everyday moments, they all matter. My mission in the end is to spread the love of Jesus and to be a light to others through my art.

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